Yad Vashem – Moshe Safdie – The architecture of memory (by Elie Wiesel)

pg 126 – (talking about Yad Vashem ) Here the biblical and timeless commandment “not to forget” will reverberate for generations to come.

pg 126 – Sixdecades after the horror-filled vents, we realize that many if not all of those who were thrown into the world of darkness and death wanted above all to be remembered. At the end thats all they wanted… at the end their wish was no longer to live, but to survive and tell the tale… (but couldn’t happen) thus in this place… extraordinary efforts are being made, at least, to record and remember their names, their stifled laments, their secret dreams, their tears, and even their agony .

pg 127 (talking about the holocaust,trying to explain why) was it an attempt of the nery to destroy our third temple? Is that why, in midrashic sources, it is described as a temple of fire?

pg 128 – and wehre , near the flames of the ovens, did the most tragic of all witnesses, the members of the sonderkommandos – the dayan from bendzin Reb Arye Langfus or Zalman Gradowski – find the unbelievable strength to write their chronicles? at times one lacks the courage to read them; but if they were strong enough to write, we are duty bound to be strong enough to read.

pg 128 – (talking about survivors of the holocaust)… when some returned to their homes in certain Eastern European countries, they found them occupied by strangers or former neighbours.. who angrily closed the door on them. In some cities they were taken off the train and massacred in broad daylight. Those who went to DP camps were lucky.

[[^^ see the Kielce pogrom for more ]]

pg 129- All we can do is think of the melancholy truth that they lived alone, prayed alone, despaired alone, fought alone, and died alone, Still, whether we know it or not didn’t something in all of us die with them?


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