The Kielce Pogrom 1946 and the Emergence of Communist Power in Poland – Anita J. PRAZMOWAKSA

PG 1 – on 23 July 1946, a delegation consisting of Colonel Perko, comrade Olejniczak, a Communist part member from Poznan and the chairmen of the Democratic Alliance part in the town of Kalisz visited the local Catholic priest to ask him to co-sign a joint statement condemning the Kielce pogrom, which had taken place on 4th July* In the full knowledge that 43 Jews had been killed during the outrage the parish priest showed no enthusiasm for the initiative, declaring that ‘there would be no need for this if only the Jews would get out’. To counter these antisemitic view the Communist appealed to Father Martuzalski by quoting the fifth commandment (thou shalt not kill) and by pointing out that the Catholics are forbidden to question the wisdom of God, who, as he pointed out, had also created Jews. In response to this display of biblical knowledge Father Martuzalski declarwed that ‘Lice had also been created by God, Nevertheless we kill them.’**

*from Archiwum Akt Nowych, Warsaw (AAN) Central Commitee of the Polish Workers Part – KC PPR 295/VII-149 23 June 1946 Perko to District Secretary of the PPR.

**(from AANKC PPR 295/VII – 149, 23 July 1946)


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