At the minds limit Jean Amery

pg 82 .. says to me “We Jews…” – I feel a not exactly tormenting , but nonetheless deep-seated discomfort. I have long tried to get to the bottom of this disconcerting psychic state, and it has not been very easy for me. Can it be, is it thinkable that I, the former Auschwitz inmate. who truly has not lacked occasion to recognise what he is and what he must be, still id not want to be a a Jew.

83 (maybe integrate this into why Holocaust was integrated into the religion) . Fir of all, concerning the impossibility. If being a Jew means sharing a religious creed with other Jews, participating in Jewish cultural and family tradition , cultivating a Jewish national ideal, the i find myself in a hopeless situation. I don’t believe in the God of Israel. I know very little about Jewish culture.


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