the shapes of memory – hartman

pg 60 – Apart from its genocidal aims, what distinguished the NAzi crime against the Jews was the intent of the criminals to leave behind no witnesses and , hence, no record at all . The holocaust was to be a total, silent deed – in the words of one of its key perpetrators, “an unwritten and never-to-be-written page of glory” [The words are Himmler’s addressed to a group of SS officers on cotber 4, 1943; quoted in Lucy Dawidowicz, a Holocaust reader (herman house, new york, 1976) p. 133

pg 64 – “what happened, happened. But that ir happened cannot be so easily accpeted. I rebel: against my past, against history, and against a present that places the incomprehensible in the cold storage of history and thus falsifies it in a revolting way.”


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