quotes taken from Hierophany in architecture

every memorial not just holocaust memorial … are created at an intersection of aesthetic templar, political needs, economic realities of the moment.[1]

[1] Young, University of California, 2000 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmxyYXtf_vw)

Wiederkehr des Flaneurs he writes:

“The superficial reason, the exotic, picturesque only affects foreigners. to come as a local to the image of a city, requires other, deeper motives. Motives of the one who travels into the past instead of the distance.”[1]  

[1] Benjamin, 1984, Ch 82 (from selected writings II 1927 – 1934)


Gavriel Rosenfeld believed that the meaning that we find in buildings … is determined subjectively by the differing expectations we bring to them. These expectations are largely informed by our social class, education, and aesthetic taste, but they are also shaped by the historical eras in which we live.[1]

[1] Rosenfeld,2011, P.45

The phenomenon raises ethical issues over the status and nature of objects, the extent of their interpretation, the appropriate political and managerial response and the nature of the experience as perceived by the visitor, their residents and local residents.[1]

[1] Foley , Lennon,  2000

Young believed that some people claim such a charge in places of “history”, but usually this aura is apparent only to those who already know something of the site’s past, or who suspect a site is somehow historical.[1]

[1] Young, P.119

The self-questioning of Germany’s Identity differentiates their memorials to that of Yad Vashem and USHMM. Yad Vashem gestures towards a redemptive end whilst the Jewish museum is fractured. The Jewish Museum, Berlin testifies to a permanent displacement in both time and place.[1]

[1] Hansen-Glucklich, 2014, P.25

“Memory is never shaped in a vacuum the motives of memory are never pure[1]“. – Young

[1] Hansen-Glucklich, 2014, P.10


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