The Memroial Perfance of a Day-James E Young – Texture of Memory

pg 273 – The state controlled mass media are another story. For days before and after Yom Hashoah, Israel television airs along with its regular programming a variety of documentary and fiction films on the Shoah, specially produced shows on resistance and destruction, histories of antisemitism, interview with survivors and partisans, and panel discussions featuring scholars of the Holocaust. ON the days itself, all programs are devoted to the Holocaust. beginning with a live broadcast of the state memorial ceremonies at Yad Vashem. Between 1986 and 1989, the first evenings programs also included – incredibly – a Holocaust quiz show. The International Quiz on Jewish Heroism during world war II. 

pg 275 – The shoah itself no longer singifies defeat in many of the young soldiers’ eyes, but actually emreges as an era of heroism, of triumph over past passivity.

pg 275 – [from liebman civil religion, 178] ; 1. The Zionist solution establishing the state of Israel was intended to provide an answer to the problem of the existence of the Jewish people, in view of the fact that all other solutions had failed. [from young ] The holocaust proved, in all its horror, that in the 20th century, the survival of Jews is not assured as long as they are not masters of their fate and as long as they do not have the power to defend their survival.

2. A strong state of Israel means a state possessed of military, diplomatic, social, and economical strength, and moral character which can respond properly to every threat from outside and provide assistance to every persecuted Jew wherever he is. The consciousness of the Holocaust is one of the central forces which stand behind our constant striving to reach this strength and behind the solidarity and deep tie with Diaspora Jewry 

pg 281 – As it turns out, generating a national memory is yet another way to unify a nation. For the very act of commemoration provides a common experience for a population otherwise divided by innumerably disparate lives. This is not a unity of Holocaust experience, however, or even the unification of memory itself. It is only the unity of shared ceremony, which creates the sense of a shared past  unlike monuments in the landscape , in whose rigid forms memory is too often ossified, the remembrance day can reinvigorate itself and the forms it takes every year. By virtue of its place on the calendar, certain meanings will also be renewed. But if we encourage the day to encompass multiple memories and meaning on this day, we ensure that Yom Hashoah remains more the perennial guardian of memory, less its constant tyrant .



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