Stated Memory – East Germany and The Holocaust – East German Histoiriograpy

pg 22- During the 1950s the Holocaust did not exist in East German historiography

Holocaust in East German Schoolbooks

pg 31 – As with other official history writing, East German school texts deny anti semitism or racism its central role in Nazi ideology, and discussions of Nazi anti-Jewish activity are often coupled with, or subsumed and relativized by reference to Nazi slaughter of Poles and Russians.

[no empathy in text books] pg 31 – “The persecution of the Jews had primarily economic causes. The Hitler Party, which had once lied to its supporters and voters that it would establish socialism, was in reality the Party that was paid by monopoly capitalists and that supported capitalist societal structures. Non-Jewish imperialists had no objections to the removal of competitors of Jewish heritage. (Lehrbuch 1951: 17-18) 


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