Texture of Memory – James E Young – Chapter 1 – The countermonument memory against itself in Germany

pg 27 – For a new generation of artists in Germany today, the question is not whether to remember or to forgot the Holocaust, Rather … they wonder whether the monument itself is more an impediment than an incitement to public memory. Perhaps the most stunning and inflammatory response to Germany’s memorial conundrum is the rise of its Counter Monuments: brazen, painfully self-conscious memorial spaces conceived to challenge the very premises of their being.

Memorializing the Concentration Camps

pg 59 – Deathly quiet now except for the song of birds and roar of planes landing at the British Army camp, next door, the land has covered itself modestly with shrubs and flowers. The surrounding forest acts as a natural barrier between bergen belsen and the outer world.

pg 69 [Dachau mayor Lorenz Reitmeier pamphlet for guests]

“You have come to Dachau to visit the memorial site in the former concentration camp. I should like to welcome you on behalf of the town of Dachau. Innumerable crimes were committed in the Dachau concentration camp. Like you, deeply moved, the citizens of the town of Dachau bow their heads before the victims of this camp. The horrors of the German Concentration camps must never be repeated! After your visit, you will be horror-stricken… The Dachau Concentration Camp is a part of the overall German responsibility for that time. I extend a cordial invitation to you to visit the old town of Dachau only a few kilometres from here. We would be happy to greet you within our walls and to welcome you as friends”


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