London Plan

Under the legislation setting up the GLA, the London Plan should only deal with things of strategic importance to Greater London1 . The legislation also requires that the London Plan should take account of three cross-cutting themes : • economic development and wealth creation • social development; and • improvement of the environment.multiple deprivation.jpg

Climate Change

1.34 There will also be an increased probability of flooding and a need to cope with the greater consequences when it does happen. Sea levels will be higher; there will be more frequent and higher tidal surges; significant increases in peak Thames and other river flows; and the potential for more surface water flooding. It is likely that a significant proportion of London’s critical and emergency infrastructure will be at increased risk from flooding, especially as London accommodates the kind of growth expected to 2036. There are likely to be more people living and working on the floodplain – 15 per cent of London lies on the floodplain of the Thames and its tributaries, and there are 1.5 million people and 480,000 properties there already. Flooding is also likely to impact worst on deprived communities many of which live in the areas that may be affected and are less likely to be insured.

1.35 A further problem arising from climate change will be an increasing shortage of water. South east England is already ‘water stressed’ – during particularly dry weather, London’s water consumption outstrips available supply – and per capita water usage is increasing. There are limited additional water resources available in this corner of the UK, and over time options like new reservoirs may have to be considered. We will also have to ensure that there is adequate and appropriate water infrastructure to ensure a resilient, efficient and economic supply of water to homes and businesses.

A new focus on quality of life 1.44

• the importance of a range of readily accessible community and cultural facilities meeting the needs of a growing and increasingly diverse population

protecting and enhancing what is distinctive about the city and its neighbourhoods, securing a sense of place and belonging through high quality architecture and design that sits well with its surroundings.

Substantial progress in tackling persistent problems of poverty and deprivation – ensuring a planning policy framework that supports action to tackle problems of unemployment and worklessness – in particular by making sure Londoners have the education and skills they need to get better access to the jobs in their city, helping to coordinate geographically targeted approaches to development and regeneration, focussing investment and action on places (such as the Regeneration Areas identified in this Plan) with the greatest need to address persistent spatial patterns of disadvantage and contributing to the promotion of greater housing choice, supporting the policies in the Mayor’s London Housing Strategy. • Making real progress in addressing climate change – in terms of both: o Adaptation: making sure buildings and the wider THE LONDON PLAN MARCH 2015 urban realm are designed with a changing climate in mind, encouraging urban greening – protecting, enhancing and expanding the city’s stock of green space to help cool parts of the city, continuing to manage and plan for flood risks; and o Mitigation: reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases to minimise future warming and its impacts. Development can be managed to help this – designing buildings to be energy efficient, promoting decentralised and renewable energy and patterns of development that reduce the need to travel by less environmentally friendly modes of transport.



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