We are the last witness – Memory Reframed


[there are some objects of the museum but all of them are personal objects (not mass ) and relates to personal experiences which have been all identified with names]

pg 144 – Objects are carefully arranged so taht a respectful space is preserved around each iteam, and the fate of each individual offers a dramatic narrative desrving undivided attention. Descriptions of objects are phrased to emphasize their aura of having oce been the treasured possession of victims.


for example the description of a handkerchief in one of the glass display cases states that not only did the handkerchief belong to a german Jew preparing to go into exile but that it is still folded today exactly as the mother folded it for her son before she placed it into his suitcase.

pg 147- Is it ethical to display holocaust artifacts that encourage viewers to remember the victims through the implement of their destruction as well as through their mortal remains .. does it … takes u one chilling step further in the direction of a cabinet of macabre curiosity.

pg 147 – James E. Young has expressed his doubt about the value of collecting and exhibiting victims possessions in Holocaust museums for the reason that they “in a perversely ironic twist … force us to recall the victims as the Germans have remember them to us: in the collected debris of a destroyed civilization”.

pg 147 – Exhibits in Yad Vashem [lots of artifacts] are used to enrich the narratives of the victims lives and to renounce an aesthetic that further objectifies and dehumanizes them [resilience of the jewish life]

pg 148 [wiesel, art and culture” 403,405]  [it is difficult for museums to try to manifest and personify the inner workings of the holocaust and try to resurrect them as those] “who went through it, will not reveal it – not really, not entirely. Between his memory and its reflection there is a wall – and it cannot be pierced”.





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