The museum as a site of pilgrimage – memory reframed

pg 194 – David Martin Gitlitz and Linda Kay Davidson name three types of “shrines” to which Holocaust pilgrims travel: the places where killing and destruction took place, including ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps; monuments to the victims and museums.

pg 195 – HOlocaust museums often employ conventional strategies to establish sacredness, including burying beneath their structures soil from concentration camps or ashes of martyrs. [Shrine]

pg 202- As Eric Kligerman points out, the Jewish museum Berlin is “interspersed with pitfalls that break off any linear act of … walking ” as its unsettling design prevents visitors from immersing themselves in the permanent exhibition

pg 202 – Jackie Feldman argued that “the challenge of memorial places is to shape the experience of visitors in ways that make the absence of particular presences into the presence of absence to conjure up familiar spirits of the past whilst exorcising others” [JACKIE feldman, Yad Vashem” , 1151,1156]



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