Patrick Bellow QUestiosn

The site for the gardens by the bay was in Singapore. Was there any initial concerns that came to mind in regards to the programme of the building and location.  Temperature , humidity etc?

one of your previous collaboration with Wilkinson Eyre was on the Alpine house at Kew, which uses the idea of stack ventilation. You also mention that the form of the Eden project, the geodesic dome inspired gardens by the bay. How did these two project influence the form of the building.

how important was achieving the correct lux levels inside the biomes, and how did the Eden project help you achieve this.

What was the average interior lux levels when on the overcast day.

9% of the annual hours the shading devices are deployed. would you class this a compromise to the design due to the temperamental weather of Singapore

you mention in your book that you considered using ETFE In the scheme. What kind of analysis was involved in the research of the material.

you describe that the flower dome is self shaded from the extreme sun angle. Could you explain this some more.

You mention that the early cfd studies for the cloud dome was an issue as the top of the mountain dome would be too hot, is this one of consequences of using a stack ventilation form?  Was the jet diffusers that were the solution to the problem inspired by the Arups solution at Eden.



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