Green:house Green:engineering Environmental Design at Gardens by the Bay – Patrick Bellow


pg 5 – The opportunity to communicate to the community of singapore the urgency and importance of environmental sustainability with its linked message of the value of biodiversity conservation arose from the need to expand the footprint of the business and financial hub of the City. – Dr Kiat W. Tan [advisor  to Nparks]

pg 6 – We have worked with Andrew and his team on several projecting including the earth  centre in Doncaster where their designs proved to be an education in how sustainability and landscaping could come together. – Patrick Bellow

Pg 6 – Inevitably , the glasshouses are compared to those at the Eden Project in Cornwall, which at the time represented the global benchmark for an environmentally responsible habitat for tropical and other plants within extremely large enclosures…. We also looked to Buckminster fuller inspired “climatron” in the botanical gardens of of st louis, missouri by architects murphy and mackey, which opened in 1960 and claims to be the first air conditioned glasshouse in the world – Patrick Bellow

pg 16 – The project illustrates how design optimisation and cross-discipline integration can result in high-performance, responsive buildings even in very demanding climatic conditions and with a highly technical and challenging environmental design brief

pg 17 – [talking about etfe]. This was an appropriate solution for a temperate climate but the ETFE material is not well suited to the tropical and equatorial conditions at Gardens by the Bay. The main lessons learned from Eden related to the daylighting levels for the plants.

pg 22-  A key ambition was to make the servicing of the conservatories as invisible as possible and in particular to avoid surrounding them with air intakes, louvres, chillers or visible air handling plant. #

pg 22- Creating sustainable water cycles…Direct Rainfall from within the site catchment is filtered and cleansed of nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended solids arising from the gardens operation, prior to discharge into the marina reservoir.

`pg 23 – [challenges] The intermittent nature of tropical storm makes this [water cycle] a complex task of retention and release, and the solution uses aquatic landscapes to remediate the received water through a series of inter-connected lakes and filter ponds and planting troughs. The filter ponds leading into the lake are formed from a number of different layers of permeable substrate to allow the incoming water to be naturally filtered, without the need for mechanical filtration equipment. Further treatment is undertake in a sustainable manner through the use of aquatic plants within the water bodies.

pg 25 – [Intro] Benchmarking of the sustainability initiatives on the project is through the singapore’s building and construction Authority Green Mark scheme  equivalent to … BREEAM in the uk … The conservatories have received a Platinum rating.

pg 26 – The whole aspect of environmental sustainability has been a central theme of the design evolution including going to considerable lengths to ensure an efficient energy strategery for the cooled conservatories..

super trees inspired by the karri trees at valley of the Giants in Australia

super trees inspired by the karri trees at valley of the Giants in Australia

pg 30 – THe cloud Forest Dome integrates leading edge multimedia interpretation to reinforce the educational background to the project.

pg 30 – The Gardens are designed to offer a wide range of outdoor leisure opportunities but an underlying thematic concept holds the designs together and provides a framework for a significant educational experience.

pg 34 – [challenges] 95% of hours are between 24C and 23C with moisture content between 17-21- g/kg. BEing close to the equator, direct solar radiation is very intense in clear sky conditions… There is however a tendency for heavy cloud cover with overcast skies for a long periods, and the sky luminance levels in these conditions can be low.  – [show graph]

pg 36 – Research indicated that a peak illuminance level of 45,000 lux was important for plant growth of key groups of flora… this target figure was benchmarked to the eden project in Cornwall where similar flora flourished…. 100x lighter than an office.

pg 39 – The environmentally aware Mah Bo                                                                                                  w tan, MInister for National Development until may 2011… specifically instructed that the team should endeavour to make the carbon emissions from the systems… [you know the rest]


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