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Building Systems- An Engineering Response

[NQ] although form and shading reduced solar gain mechanical had to be done.

pg 62

  • the used of a displacement air supply.. at low level within the occupied zone to limit the volume of the building that requires conditioning thereby reducing plant capacities and energy use. using temp of 18 c rather than 12 .. results in significant energy savings
  • The use of desiccant dehumidification system to remove the need for refrigeration-based dehumidification of air.
  • The use of direct evaporative humidification (misting_ within the cloud forest dome to prove the very high humidity levels required and enhance cooling performance.

pg 65 – [challenges about the forest heat]. A hybrid ventilation system was developed; this supplies air through displacement terminals at the bottom of the building and at the top of the mountain but at intermediate levels whiting the mountain, jet diffusers are used to drive local mixing thus limiting the localised stratification. Above the mountain, the air is allowed to strify, as in a displacement system, before being extracted and re-circulated back to the basement plant. Sealed ;black box’ rooms inside the mountain use conventional overhead conditioning as these spaces do not connect to the main volume

pg 88 – [talk about the biomass boilers] The horticultural waste from the tree pruning was being landfilled before this arrangement was established and so the process effectively turns a waste stream into an active energy supply that displaces the carbon emissions from utility energy.

pg 91 – The biomass boilers produce two ash streams as a by-product. The first is a fine ash that is high in nitrates and other fertiliser compounds. This ash, once mixed with organic plant waste matter from the gardens, creates a high-quality fertilizer. The second stream of ash contains heavier density particles and is taken off-site to be mixed into concrete or aggregates for the construction industry.


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