presentation given by Caron Thompson of the Eden Project at: Sustainable Construction – are we closing the loop? – 30 January 2006

A flexible design team Sustainable construction means thinking holistically early in the planning of a project as well as adopting a positive and flexible attitude amongst the members of the project team. As the contractors, designers, quantity surveyors, acoustic and transport consultants etc make about 95% of the decisions that affect the sustainability of the development, it is essential to select and appoint the right team with the right experience and vision. The client has to delegate decision making to them so needs to trust the team to make the best decisions, but it is also important that the team is continually encouraged to work together towards the same outcome. Eden recognised this and appointed someone specifically to under take this role. Definition Define what the client and the construction team want to achieve and how, and assign responsibilities for delivery and monitoring. Acknowledge the unique nature of each project, and recognise particular aspects of sustainability, depending on where the project is located. An innercity site will be very different to Eden in Cornwall offering different opportunities.


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