Interview to Paul Baker Draft

  • The Singapore Government introduced new initiatives to try and reduce carbons emissions and imposed that the buildings conditioning systems would not exceed that of a typical office building. Did this initiative of going greener hinder or nurture your design process of your building? and how.
  • Big Companies were working on Gardens by the bay from Grant Associates, Atelier Ten and of course Wilkinson Eyre. How did you go about integrating different expertise together. Did the Architecture emerge from Consultation with Atelier Ten or vice versa. Were there some compromises along the way?
  • In an Interview you said “the distinct forms of the biomes were generated from the geometry of a hyperbolic curve which enables the structure to be optimise allowing a light weight column free interior.” A similar comparison to this structure is the Eden Project in Cornwall by Grimshaw Architects. Were there any buildings used as precedents for the project and how were they reflected in the design.
  • Education is a vital role of many botanical gardens going back as far as Kew gardens by Joseph Paxton. The notion of sustainability and the environment go hand in hand. I understand this was also the case with Gardens by the Bay. What things are in place to educate the visitors.
  • I understand there were many challenges along the way such heat being trapped and the top of the cloud forest dome. What in your eyes was the biggest challenge for the project, and the best solution to a problem.
  • Unlike most buildings botanical gardens are constantly growing. There is a start but never a finish. If you were able to look back in time would there be any improvements to the design / function of the building.

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