Eden – waste-neutral-framework-project-report – Alison Vaughan

pg (8) – The Neter In-Vessel Composter The composter is a recent addition (summer 2005) to Eden’s armoury in the battle against waste. Capable of consuming over 500kg of organic waste a day, or approximately 40% of Eden’s total waste per day, it was designed and built in Sweden, where composting is an accepted community response to burgeoning waste problems. The aerobic in-vessel system is a research tool to identify whether composting provides an effective solution for the disposal of organic waste and for reducing the environmental problems that result from landfill; such as emissions and leachates. The secondary purpose is reducing Eden’s direct impact on Cornwall’s waste problem

The Neter In-Vessel Composter

Ultimate Recycling Station Eden,

local designers and bin experts, Plastic Omnium, have designed and developed the ‘Eden Range’ of recycling bins. These have appeared all around the site but they are designed for use in all public spaces. The range, manufactured by Plastic Omnium, uses the new Wrap colours and offers some new features to conventional recycling systems. For instance: there is a clear front panel designed to display the correct recyclates and hopefully minimise contamination. The bins are operated by hand or foot pedal and are accessible by a wide user group. The bins have been well received by visitors and led to a drop in contamination of nearly 15%.

recycle bins

pg 12 – A. Achieving Waste Neutral – the Waste Neutral Balance The Waste Neutral philosophy builds on the traditional hierarchy of reduce, re-use and recycle, with a crucial extra component – reinvest. After focussing on the need to reduce and re-use, it acknowledges that at end of life products need to go for recycling. To close the loop there has to be a reinvestment by buying back products that have recycled content: becoming Waste Neutral. Being able to measure waste accurately is fundamental to becoming waste neutral. A daunting task from the outset, care must be taken not to over-analyse and thus spend more time and resources achieving the perfect answer than the benefits this knowledge is likely to deliver

pg 14 – Reinvest through Retail! – stimulating the market for recycled products Reinvesting is fundamental to the approach. If people do not reinvest by buying recycled products then all the recycling effort will have gone to waste. Stimulating the market for recycled products has been a key part of the Waste Neutral strategy, and utilising the Eden site for this has played a significant part. To get the message to over 1 million consumers a year (our visitors), a ‘re-invest’ stand was designed and installed in the Eden Shop.

This equates to around 5 tonnes of recycled material each year but, perhaps more importantly, the reinvest message is taken away by Eden’s many visitors. In the future this will act as a platform to sell more recycled and sustainable items via our website.


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