Things to Compare

things to compare



– the shape of the design and how it was informed by the site condition, eden project bubbles on an uneven site. Gardens by the bay to for solar shading.

The use of transparent materials in the project and how the use of the building would inform which kind of materials they would use. ETFE or specialised glass.

The use of steel work with the gridshells. Show the similarity of using simple shapes that hold themselves. Hyperbolic and domes.


Gardens by the bay was informed by initiative set out by the government to be ‘green’

Eden is an ongoing project on sustainability which completion of the project was only the start. The idea of biomass burners were added afterwards even at a cost to them. but did it to show sustainability.


Compare the two buildings on how their aims is to teach visitors on how to be environmentally friendly . How the Eden project actively set out to achieve this early on with the location of the building.  


How although they are botanic gardens they have different function climatic implications. Eden is trying to be hot humid where as Gardens by the bay is trying to be cool and dry.


Comparing the problems that arose during all the areas previously mentioned and how each project turned it round to its strengths.
– eden project – architect on the eden project – architect on eden project

Dean Boston – Linkedin  – architect on Eden Project

Paul baker- – gardens by the bay


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