The Defining of Eden – architecture of eden

pg 20 –  Both Grimshaw and HUnt were lifelong admirers of. .. buckminster fuller … [which] in the 1940s, developed the geodesic dome in a search for the most minimal form of large enclosure possible.

pg 20- [by bucky] “how much does the building weight” The answer in the case of … Eden , “no more than the air inside it ”

pg 22 – By modifying fullers geodesic concept to a series of intersection domes made up principally of lightweight hexagonal steel components, and by choosing inflated triple-layer ‘pillows’ of ETFE translucent foil rather than glass, … the … biomes transmuted in to something less like a glass house and more like a series of soap bubbles.

Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

pg 22. The soap bubble approach suite the changing contours of the site…. Heavy, rains which tended to provoke landslides did not help. The geodesic solution, in contrast [to the waterloo arches] could just settle lightly on the landscape, whatever the shape, in just the way that a soap bubbles can.


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