The Architecture of Eden – Nicholas Grimshaw

Grimshaw pg 7 -(Reasons for the site location) The first is climatic. Cornwall is the warmest part of the British Isles, so basing the project in a protected valley in the region gives considerable energy savings over other parts of the British Isles. (Choice of site unlike gbtb)

gbtb = Gardens by the bay

pg 7- third reason for the location is that there is a … “large number of people go to Cornwall for their holidays, so there is a substantial captive audience that welcomes an alternative attraction to the traditional day on the beach. (relate this to the the connection of tourist take particular attention to the substainability)

pg 7 – The visitor Centre is the first contact with Eden and it underlines the idea that learning is a cornerstone of the project. It informs those ariving about what they are going to see so that they look at things with intelligent eyes.


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