Sustainability as corporate mission and strategy Tore Mysen Department of Marketing, Oslo School of Management, Oslo, Norway

497 – By increasing speed, academic research examines the changes showing that companies not only focus on obtaining economic goals, but also seek to deliver environmental and social benefits (Elkington, 1998).

pg 497 – The Eden Project … financial goals are secondary to the objective of promoting sustainability management (unlike garderns by the bay which charge for entrance )


pg 500 – Cleaning water demands energy on site, as an external water supply uses energy at external suppliers and incurs cost. Innovative processes related to engineering and new technology reduce energy use and external water and soil supplies. Almost half of the project’s water needs are harvested on site. A drainage system created during early construction months due to heavy rains supports irrigation of plants and the flushing of toilets. Low flush toilets and time regulated taps are installed. Rainwater is collected and
used for maintaining humidity inside the Rainforest Biome. With assistance from Reading University, and using local mine waste, 83,000 tonnes of different qualities of soil were created at the outset to supply the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes,
as well as the outdoor biome. Water use, heat, and humidity in the biomes, are fully automated monitored and regulated.


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