Eng-Beng Lim (2014) Future Island, Third Text, 28:4-5, 443-453,

pg 444 – Rising like armoured hunchbacks from the earth, the
construction was immediately hailed by the New York Times as an
‘urban jungle of the 21st century’. (‘An Urban Jungle for the 21st Century; For Orderly Singapore, Biodiversity as well as Greenery is 10-Year Goal’, International Herald Tribune, Friday 29 July 2011, LexisNexis Academic web, accessed 14 January 2014)

‘Here on the equator . . . we’re in a garden that is perpetual summer. Into this garden, we’ve
brought two glasshouses that give you a touch of perpetual spring.’ (‘Gardens by the Bay Opens
on June 29’, op cit)

pg 448 – 449 – Biodiversity and conservation are celebrated, while habitat destruction and its effects on climate change
are detailed as setbacks. Visitors can continue the eco-pedagogy by interacting with multimedia walls that provide information about the history physiology and care of the plants and flowers

Communications studies scholar Cherian George, for instance, has called Singapore the:
Air-conditioned Nation – a society with a unique blend of comfort and
central control, where people have mastered their environment, but at
the cost of individual autonomy, and at the risk of unsustainability. (Cherian George, The Air-
Conditioned Nation: Essays on the Politics of Comfort and Control, 1990–2000, Landmark, Singapore,
2000, p 15)

pg 452 – 453 – According to an energy-modelling study comparing the energy consumption for the conservatories with an average commercial building, the suite of technologies saves at least thirty per cent in energy consumption.

pg 453 – More than five million visitors were pulled in within the year of its opening


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