EDEN – Int. J. Low-Carbon Tech.-2006-Cooke-22-34

pg 23 – Presently, the energy needs of The Eden Project are met by centralised natural gas-fired boiler plant and power purchased from a ‘green’ electricity supplier. The Eden project is being developed to include a new education and resource centre.

pg 26 – Heat is presently provided by three 3MW rated natural gas-fired boilers. Analysis has shown that the present peak site demand, combined with estimates for the new developments, is in the region of 2.3MW. The base load, domestic hot water, is around 2MWh per day, which, based on a 8 hour day, equates to around 250kW. Thermal simulation showed that for around 5500 hours per year the site heat demand was less than 300kW. The heating loads at Eden are dependent on two factors, the number of visitors and the external environment. The main exhibition buildings need to be maintained at constant temperature and so demand heat over night and throughout the winter. They demand very little heat between April and October.

pg 32- In principle biomass can be considered to be financially viable for the Eden Project. However there are particular circumstances of the site and other developments that have restricted implementation to-date. The capital costs and space requirements are the most significant barriers to implementation. This is primarily due to additional costs and difficulties incurred through trying to retrofit the system into the existing infrastructure. This study suggests that there is little net financial difference between the three forms of Energy crop, willow and poplar SRC or miscanthus. However the costs and yields used are dependent on a large number.


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