Glass Architecture (again!) by Paul Scheerbart



So good it deserves a new post and quote: 

102 – The transformation of the Earths Surface

pg 71 – So many ideas constantly sound to us like a fairytale, when they are not really fantastic or utopian at all. 80 years  ago, the steam railway came, and undeniably transformed the face of the earth. From what has been said so far the earths surface will once again be transformed, this time by glass architecture. if it comes, a metamorphisis will occur. 


The present brick ‘culture’ of the city, which we all deplore, is due to the railway. Glass architecture will only come if the city as we know it goes. It is completely clear to all those who care about the future of our civilisation that this dissolution must take place. To labor the point is useless


pg 74 , 111- glass culture

After all the above, we can indeed speak of a glass culture. The new glass environment will completely transform mankind, and its remains only to wish that the new glass culture will not find too many opponents. It is to be hoped, in fact, that glass culture will have ever fewer opponents; to cling to the old is many matters a good thing in this way at any rate the old is preserved. We, too , want to cling to the old – the pyramids of ancient Egypt should most certainly not be abolished. But we also want to the new all the resources at our disposal; more power to them!



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