A brief synopsis

The essay focuses on enclosed enviroments of glasshouses.

From the view point of Paul Scheerbart 

Introduce essay with bruno tauts glass pavillion – talk about that , what movements were surrounding that (deutsch werkbund, expressionism)

Refer to Paul Scheerbart. Through the categories of Paul Scheerbart in Glass Architecture, this is how to structure the essay, and say this is what im going to do etc..

Refer back gothic architecture and arabia quickly but then onto Joseph paxton, richard turner, kibble etc, maybe Brunel? talk about the hot houses.

Then talk about Crystal Palace, use of glass as an environment away from the smog (henrik reference), the use of a garden to exhibition. the first use of prefabrication, refer to grimshaw ??

Back to scheerbart maybe and talk about the use of structure for a building. glass bricks,  timber frame, iron frame rust etc.Refer this back to buckminster fuller and structure. Mention new materials being used which is outlined in Scheerbarts work, (although acrylic burns ooops). so talk about bucminster fuller with his work in the expo, mention that exhbitions are the grand gestures of structure (refer back to crystal palace).Also mention that fuller designed the bubble over manhattan as a futurist approach.

Back to Scheerbart about making futurish approach. Liken this to his hillside places made out of glass… Also mention about materiality and how he thinks things are going to change. Then talk about Grimshaw and how he has been influenced in the design for the Eden Project ie richard turner and Joseph paxton, and fuller. Talk about how he has enclosed environments and how he has used new materials which were outlined in Scheerbarts proposal. Talk about this in Norman Fosters Botanical Garden in Whales and how this has works

Conclude by talking about my own project and how it relates… being influenced by Joseph Paxton and Grimshaw. Then Mention about Scheerbart and what is waiting for the future of glass architecture. Talk about Grimshaws design for the new Biome at Eden, Nice quote to end. 


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