The design – The architecture of Eden

pg 20 – The first Grimshaw concept for Eden was the Mark 1. This Mark 1 model derived its form from Waterloo. Long curving arches of varying sizes set against the sides of the pit allowed a curving and undulating glazed roof line swelling into 3 enclosed bio mes or climate zones – Tropical, temperate and desert.

n.q – there were two basic designs either to place the biome against the cliffs or put the greenhouse built on the flat such as the famous examples at Kew gardens in London – you can see out on all sides.

Money Problems 

The scheme was costed at £106m. It was submitted to the Millennium Commission. It was rejected out right

The word going about at the time in London was that Eden was ‘wobbly’, that it would never get its finance together, that the Millennium commission was getting increasingly nervous of over-ambitious schemes going belly-up because they could not possibly generate the visitor numbers that their business plans suggested. It was at this point that a total redesign of the buildings took place, while maintaining all the key ingredients of the first , instinctive, response. as sometimes happens in such circumstances, this test of fire provoked an inspired response. Eden went Lightweight 


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