The architecture of Eden – Hugh Pearman and Andrew Whalley

pg 6 quote from Nicholas Grimshaw

“For me . the Eden Project starts at Paddington. Here we see an industrial structure built in 1854 with great innovative spirit by Brunel – who in turn was influenced by the famous greenhouse designer Sir Joseph Paxton. By coincidence, we were appointed to completely restore Paddington in 1990s and Brunel’s work and his attention to detail g ave us a marvellous inspiration for our work in Cornwall.

pg 7 – ” Another more intriguing answer is historical. The ports of Cornwall were the first landfalls encountered by many 18th and 19th century sea captains, many of whom collected plant specimens on their travels. Captain Cook was, of course, well known for his scientific interests – as was Sir Joseph Banks, the great 18th century botanist. Ships doctors in particular took great scientific interest in what they saw on their travels, and a large number of today medicines originated from their early botanical finds. Many of these plant samples were ‘dropped off’ in Cornwall and found their way to the gardens of the great country houses of the time, on of which was Heligan .


Looking to the Future

As I write, plans for a third biome are taking shape. This will encapsulate the climate and vegetation of a desert region. Once again we are pushing potential of our chosen materials to extremes. We intend to use a vast elliptical cable net structure that will be 120m (393 ft ) wide in its largest dimension. This will support the same type of inflated ETFE pillows aw we used before but because of the cable the effect will be lighter – almost an artificial sky



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