Take note from Parisian Past

extracts from the glass state –

pg 8 – In 1997 – the pervasive presence of transparency in specifically Parisian architecture prompted a large exhibition sponsored by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal – the architecture and urban history center of the contemporary city – entitled “Paris sous verre: la Ville et ses Reflects” ( Paris under glass: The city and Its Reflections).  which chronicled the development of glass from its earliest appearances to the latest ubiquity.

  • From Gothic cathedrals of Saint Denis and Sainte Chapelle in the Twelfth Century






  • Tracing its proliferation in the late 19th century in department store atrium, train station, arcades, and exposition halls.

The intent is apparent: If contemporary French architecture seems besieged by glass, history suggests that this is only a resurgence of a material that seems oddly wedded to Paris . 




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