Paris Defending their glass architecture against Crystal Palace

extracts form the glass state

pg 9 – French Preeminence in glass manufacturing was confirmed in the widespread emergence of new building typlogies employing the material in its capital. Whereas the most recognized 19th century glass exposition building is Paxton’s Crystald Palace of 1850 in Hyde park, the most pervasive appearance and evolution of the building type was in Paris. In the world exposition of 1855,1876,1978,1889, the serial building of the great Galeries des Machines  continuously challenged previously known structural concepts and scales of enclosed spaces. 



… The buildings were meant to dazzle and seduce an increasingly large and undifferentiated public, influencing civic opinion in favor of governing entities responsible for the exposition.

pg 10 – The arousing presence of the exposition buildings indicated the state’s full knowledge of the seductive power and expressive potency of advanced glass technology.




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