Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller


(from the architecture of Eden) . pg 113 – The 20th century was to introduce some groundbreaking developments in glasshouse construction and design, particularly when it came to experimenting with new materials such as acrylic plastics. Another advance was the fact that rolled steel could now be economically produced for hollow tubes or a variety of flat shapes and sections. Improved understanding of its properties, together with developments in mathematical ideas, opened up a new possibility for efficient lightweight glasshouses.

– Buckminster Fuller dedicated his life to the ideal of sustainable living, using natural and environmentally friendly resources.  This inspired him to explore very efficient lightweight structures, constructing the stable form of the dome and sphere out of a series of short straight sticks. He analysed these ‘geodesic’ forms with his students.


Bucky’s famous photomontage of enclosing a large part oh Manhattan to show microclimates for cities




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