The Crystal Palace – Peter Berlyn, Charles Fowler


pg 7 – (Design committee for the great exhibition after seeing all the entries) “We have, however, arrived at the unanimous conclusion, that able and admirable as many of these designs appeared to be, there was yet no single one so accordant with the peculiar objects in view, either in the principle or detail of its arrangements, as to warrant us in recommending it of adoption. ” In some of the least succesful of the designs submitted, we find indicated errors and difficulties to be avoided, whilst in the abler and more practicable of them, there are valuable conceptions and suggestions which have greatly assisted us in framing the plan we have now the honor to lay before you. In preparing this design we have governed mainly by three considerations; – 

  1. The provisional nature of the building.
  2. The advisability of constructing it as far as possible in such a form as to be available, with the least sacrifice of labour and material, for other purposes, as soon as its original one s hall be fulfilled, thus insuring a minimum ultimate cost.
  3. Extreme simplicity, demanded by the short time in which the work must be completed 



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