(CONT ) Joseph Paxon -A Thing in Disguise – Kate Colquhoun

pg 40 – When later asked to describe the process of design and construction of the Crystal Palace, built for the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park in 1851, Paxton was at pains to emphasize a process of years of experimentation with glass buildings, a logical development which had led him to that point. In his first reading of a paper in public. he noted him to that point. In his first reading of a paper in public, he noted that ‘in 1828… i first turned my attention to the building and improvement of glass structure’. He found the various forcing houses at Chatsworth were made from coarse, thick glass and heavy woodwork,, which rendered the roofs dark, gloomy and ill-suited for the purpose for which they were built. So he beveled off the sides of the rafters and sash bars, lightening them considerably and discovering that the buildings lost no structural stability in the process. Frustrated by putty which failed to withstand the extremes of sun, rain and frost and which disintegrated and allowed water to drip constantly inside the houses in rainy weather he also contrived a new lighter sash bar, with a groove to hold the glass, obviating the need for putty altogether. Image


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