Mies and Otto

Mies Van der rohe says that ” We know no forms, only building problems. Form is not the goal but the result of our work.” this coincides with my view that the whole reason why the garden was set inside my building was because it was difficult to place it to the back. 

Otto Wagner designed the 

Austrian Postal Savings Bank



“The hall is designed like an atrium, with a large glass skylight allowing natural light to enter the heart of the building at all times. Natural light is not used only for stylistic reasons, but also to reduce the cost of electric lighting. Even the floor of the main hall is constructed of glass tiles, allowing natural light to reach further down to the floor below, where the Post Office boxes and mail sorting rooms are located. Wagner kept decoration in the main hall to a constrained minimum, using only glass and polished steel as materials. The decorative effect is created by the simple but elegant use of the material itself. The frosted glass skylight is pierced by steel columns, their slim design making them as unobstructive to the falling light as possible. The hall is one of Otto Wagner’s most famous masterpieces, and one of the finest examples of the Viennese Jugendstil.”” – WordPress


This means that I will need to look into biennese jugenstil 


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