Animal Farm – A Critical Reception

(Notes taken from Animal farm – Richard I Symer)


pg 11 – The preface reveals two guiding impulses behind the fable. THe more fully stated motive is active and aggressive – to destroy Westerners’ illusions about the Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin) by exposing the falsity of claims that the Soviet Union was a socialist and therefore progressive society

pg 11 – Here it should be pointed out that Marxist-Leninist view of contemporary revolutionary history, the term socialism refers to the penultimate stage of human progress, a period of sociopolitical reorganization and re-education following the collapse of capitalism and bourgeois democracy and preceding the establishment of a full-fledged and permanent communist society.

pg 11 – The only promise that true socialism is permitted to make is to improve society by righting “economic injustice” 

who is who

tsar-nicholas-ii-russia  Farmer Jones is Czar Nicholas II

Karl_Marx Old Major is Marx

download (2) Boxer and Clover are the proletariat

download (3) Napoleon is Joseph Stalin

leon-trotsky Snowball is Leon Trotsky

# Raven Moses is the roman catholic church and Russian Orthodox church

download (4) Squealer is Pravda

245px-Sir_Winston_S_Churchill Farmer Pilkington stands for Churchillian England

hitlerchancellor1 Farmer Frederick is Hitler Germany

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