The Shock of the New – Ep. 4 – Trouble in Utopia – Robert Hughe

Hughes, Robert. The shock of the new: art and the century of change. Updated and enl. ed. London: Thames and Hudson, 1991.

From the shock of the new – ep.4 – Trouble in Utopia – Robert Hughes
Rational design makes rational society
Phillip Johnson
“Illusions of the 20’s that great movement – the modern movement (the international style)we were thoroughly of the opinion that great architecture the lives of people would improve and the architecture improve people and people would improve the architecture until perfectibility will descend upon us like the holy ghost and we would be happy forever after ”
Utopia had been on paper since the 15th century with alberte and michelangelo
The industrial revolution created a new slave state
“The invisible architecture ” – of the poor
Art Noveau was just before the industrial revolution – Preindustrial
Chicago style- steel construction

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  1. There is a book of the same name (The Shock of the New) that I got from the library on Friday. If there was anything else you wanted to look at from Robert Hughes you might want to have a look (although I haven’t yet myself).

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