Booker’s Time Machine – H.G Wells (1895)


(from a Dystopian literature: a theory and research guide)

pg 283 – unnamed Time Traveler ventures into the future fully expecting to find an ideal society of the kind projected by contemporary Utopian literature.

– What he finds is a nightmare world of degenerates of humanity

Passive effete ‘Eloi’ and animistic ‘Morlocks’.

– Decay of humanity [..] by the realization of utopian dreams.

– Structure echos that of Stevenson’s “Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hyde”

– Inverse evolution into animality

I never met […] people more indolent or more easily fatigues” – pg 37 – traveler

pg 284 – Ancestors perfected the world so the Eloi could survive without strength or ingenuity

– the book is a response to Bellamy’s looking backwards

N.Q – Morlocks live underground (dont like the light) they raise Eloi to eat them .

pg 284 – Morlocks can be seen as a parody of the technologically oriented Utopians of Bellamy, while Eloi might be read as a parody of the pastoral Utopians of Morris (News from Nowhere)

pg 285 – Capitalist morlocks literally feed on the proletarian Eloi.

– the two species are divided by

The gradual widening of the present merely temporary and social difference between the capitalist and the laborer” 68pg 

– It is a cautionary tale that warns of the potential disastrous consequences of the growing gap of England’s Rich and poor.

N.Q – Looks capitalist but as the travelers sides with the Eloi it sounds like he is fear of communism.


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