Sigmund Freud

Jekyll and Hyde, Wuthering Heights and The Gothic Freud the Id and the Ego

Booker extracts

pg 28. Freud moved into the realm of social commentary becoming more & more pessimistic about the ability of human society to move beyond the limitations of the past

*I need to look into the book “Civilization and its discontents” (1930)

pg 29. Freud said there are three reasons why human happiness is impossible

  1. &
  2. “The superior power of nature and the feebleness of our own bodies”**
  3. “The inadequacy of the regulation which adjust the mutual relationships of human beings in the family, the state & society.” 

pg 29. ** This is despite advances in technology that have made inroads into the human ability to oppose the fundamental hostility of nature.

Freud also talks about super-egos of Hitler and Stalin, and the “herd instinct” describes totalitarianism.

Freud talks about how in a governed society that people are repressed however in a non governed society there would be anarchy so there is no ideal situation.

pg30) Soviet communistic energies came by hatred of the bourgeois than through loved of their own ideals. 

Freud believed that the soviet union and germany were using “scapegoats” ie the Jews and the persecution of the bourgeois […] This happens in dystopian fiction. the Government persecute specified marginal groups.

This is also set about in Christianity; 

When once the Apostle Paul had posited universal love between men as the foundation of his christian community extreme intolerance on the part of Christendom towards those who remained outside it became the inevitable consequence.” (69) 

pg 30. Religion represents the single most oppressive force in civilization. 

Soviet communism is the re inscription not the denial of religion.

Freud believed that Infants feel helpless and need/a longing for a strong and powerful figure. Freud believed that this could be with religion and god but also it could be a strong figure . ie super-ego of Hitler or Stalin.

Dystopic Government is a mass delusion

Freud associates religion to gain a ;

“Protection against suffering through a delusional remolding of reality” (30).  



Freud says religion;

“Gives happiness and protection from suffering at the price of forcibly fixing them in a state of psychical infantilism […] religion succeeds in sparing many an individual neurosis” (34) 


pg 31. Sexuality as a central locus of social oppression  

Extracts From Dystopian Literature – A theory and research guide – M. Keith Booker

pg (28) – There is a central conflict that informs psychic life […] Between “pleasure Principle” and the “

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