Schrodinger’s Cat


Over the past month, I have been nibbling away at a collection of short stories in an anthology of dystopic fiction.  I read lots of short stories of various kinds because (as a form story telling) they tend to put a sharp point on some aspect of life, some idea, or concept.

To be honest, I have had to take breaks with these stories since the dystopias presented describe rather vividly some extreme, yet possible effects of our recent technological and information revolutions.

I have been thinking about what we don’t know and whether that will lead us to dystopia.  The trouble is that I just can’t believe that knowing is a precursor to anticipating results.  Even without certain knowledge, some humans have always anticipated the good and bad effects of the tools, instruments, and discoveries we make. We have see this in recent history and legendary tales.

  • Oppenheimer and…

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