Orwell Scrutinizes Brave New World


pg(13) Orwell criticized the ideology of Huxley’s novel. he says it;

“Was a brilliant caricature of the present (1930) it probably casts no light on the future. No society of that kind would last more than a couple of generations.”

pg(13) Orwell argues that Huxley included no “political awareness,” focusing instead on “recent biological and psychological theories.”

pg (13) He goes on to say that the motivation of the party was not there. life has become so pointless that is difficult to believe that such a society could endure.

Pg(14) Orwell Believed that Huxley did not understand totalitarianism and compared his book unfavorably with Zamiatin’s – We

pg (15) Orwell underestimated the monolithic power of Huxley’s “utopian” state, just as he missed its sadistic overtones (he claimed the novel contains “no sadism” when, in fact, it is permeated by sadomasochistic acts and impulses).

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