Huxley, Adorno and why Grannies Don’t like computers


“No Universal history Leads from savagery to humanitarianism, but there is one leading from the slingshot to the megaton bomb” – Theodor Adorno, Negative Dialectics.

This short post is about Theodor Adorno I will talk about him in a bit more detail later so just bare with me . pg (7) Adorno, although he admired the achievedments of modern science, feared its ability to manipulate, control, and master nature[…] He claimed that a progressive refinement of technology that, proceeding first to “the control of nature” and then “progressing to rule over men,” would finally culminate in a technocracy that would rule “over men’s inner nature”

Huxley Shared these views on the social effects of modern technology.

Pg (8) Born into a family with traditional ties to science, Huxley respected scientists and regarded modern scientific methodology as one of the most significant achievements in human history. But he also viewed science, especially applied science or technology, as a powerful expression of darker forces as well as potential enlightening ones.


The shift from an authoritative to a therapeutic mode of social control” – Christopher Lasch

pg (8) Huxley’s work is lasting as he concentrates on three interrelated themes;

  • The rise of a society organised around mass consumption
  • the increasingly ominous developments in the field of genetics
  • the political dangers posed by scientists that are empowered by bureaucracy

pg (10) Brave new world, is not reducible to a dark prophecy of the social implications fo genetic research. It is also a study of a culture that has surrendered to a mass consumption to the extent that its inhabitants are consumers, even commodities, but never citizens. It is a study of mass culture and industrial technology in a world state where economic and social stability compensates for the vulgarization of intellectual life and the absence of responsibility.


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