Rough Plan Of Dissertation



  • Visual and Social Impact of Dystopian genre .  
  • Why are we fascinated with a dystopian future?
  • What are the elements that create Atmosphere in the Dystopian genre?
  • The creation of a dystopian future.
  • Dystopia: from paper to film
  • How to represent dystopia
  • Theories and Practicalities of Dystopia
  • Dystopia: the third and the seventh





  • the rise of dystopian thinking of Victorian times
  • Description on how dystopian architecture can help today’s architecture
  • How masters student use dystopian imagery to create a visual impact


Theories for a dystopian society in literature and how that relates to the world

  • Sigmund Freud
  • Karl Marx

Key features in Dystopian Literature

  • Analyse 1984,brave new world, children of men

translation between literature and film

  • 1984
  • children of men

How cinematography and other .[ie. set design]… can influence the visual impact of a movie

  • cinematography
  • set design
  • illustrations
  • prop design

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