Booker’s take on 1984

Booker does a good job summarizing 1984 in the chapter of Dystopian Literature a research guide Talking about how the part does not hide the fact that its aim is to not improve the quality of human life. That it opposes any sexual relations or religion or any history. This is what many people get from reading this book. However there are some bits which i have not picked up on which ties lots of the dystopian literature together.

pg(209,Keith Booker, Dystopian Literature) “Clearly, the ideology of Orwell’s Party is much more in line with the conventional religion than with modern science. O’Brien Describes himself and his peers as “the Priest of Power”, and many of the Party’s Objections to science echo those of the medieval Church. For example, O’Brien denies the theory of evolution and argues that the earth is no older than the human race[…] It is clear that the ban on religion comes about not because organized religion is so radically different from the Party, but because the two are all-too-similar and would therefor be competing for similar energies. The party gives itself a quasi-religious air.

pg (213) 1984 refers most directly to the oppressive Stalinist regime then in numerous ways as well. Moreover, the book stands as an eloquent plea that we remember the past and learn from it, the we in modern England and  America not forget (and therefor repeat)the excesses of Hitler and Stalin in our attempts to defend our democratic way of life. Orwell’s major point may be that the complacency of the general population is one of the surest roads to the tyranny of those in official power



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