Blade Runner

Ok this will be my first big post. Unlike 1984 which I am reading at present I can only look at the meaning of the book and how I could portray that in film form ( I realize there is the film with the amazing John Hurt). This will be the biggest post I have made because I will be talking about the movie step by step as if it is a story board. Talking about the cinematography of the movie. What happens in the movie. And also try to have a deeper understanding of what the directors, cinematography and set designers, were try to achieve with this movie. so here is my long post/review/insight into Blade Runner;

The movie starts with Dialogue. Talk about blade runners and how they can kill replicants, and how it wont be called “Murder”[SIk] but retirement (sounds a look like looper with Bruce Willis). The Dialogue is the same with the book Anthem. It is like the Slogans, It gives a sinister tone of dominance to the movie. That someone is in charge or the is an oppression in society. Next up is the a cityscape at night time. Huge skyscrapers are spewing out fire as the lower streets are ablaze with fluorescent lights.

The camera slowly dollys foward as flying cars? shoot past the screen. Only two so that the scene still seems very quite. Sounds track is of a triumphant nature.

A close shot of an eye dilating as fire reflects of the iris.

A still camera in a room with a ceiling fan and a person smoking. a blue tint to the camera. A very good contrast of light and darkness. Volume lights pierce the windows. It is a stark contrast to the truncated pyramid building before (however one cannot help but think that this camera shot is inside) A voice over a speaker


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