V for Vendetta

I watched the movie V for Vendetta for the second time last night (It was on TV so I thought why not). Although not the typical movie that i suggested to be dystopian in nature it does have this dystopian undertone which did grab my intention. I wont go into the plot to much , you can see the synopsis here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0434409/ .

So there area couple of key points that I what to say which have in common with other dystopian novels and movies

  • Posters
  • Slogans
  • Symbols
  • Anonymity 
  • Class systems
  • Curfews

So there is quite a few things to talk about but most of them are clumped together so hopefully it wont take to long



Screen Shot from V for Vandetta

So in the movie there are posters scattered around the city that say;

Strength Through Unity – Unity Through Faith

This is put up by the government to scare monger the civilians of a city. Like in 1984 it gives arise to a sense of paranoia in the population. The quote seems to suggest that if you go along with what the government says than everything should be fine. It also suggests that Faith has something to do with the government which is wrong. I don’t really want to go into religion and faith (very controversial) however some groups tend to use peoples views on religion to twists words so that people believe that the words they say like it is part of higher power. Also by using quotes/slogans it gives a sense of a better means or something that has truth which is not necessarily the case. Lots of sayings contradict one another for example;

“Clothes maketh the man.”
“Never judge a book by its cover.”

to see more of these contradictions see: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1183359

People use sayings to justify their actions however as lots of sayings have contradictions they do not have any substance, kind of a cliche. However I digress , All I am saying is people get mislead by slogans.

Symbols & Anonymity 

There are a lot of symbols in V for Vendetta. the most obvious of all is the Guy Fawkes mask, which we will get to later. First of all i would like to bring your attention to the symbol at the bottom of the poster.

From a fictional fascist political part called norsefire. you can read more into it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norsefire


Norsefire Symbol/Badge

Now looking at the symbol. It has a religious look to it with crucifix type lines which comes back to making religious people sway towards the government.

What is strange is that the colors of red and black are colours of an evil cooperation which is true with the norsefire however i would believe that they would make a more appealing colour scheme as to portray that the government is good  (one must presume that it was done intentional to show the evilness but also the might of the governement) Colour plays a vital part in symbols. you can see colour and meanings of colours here: http://www.incredibleart.org/lessons/middle/color2.htm

Now onto the guy Fawkes Mask , designed by artist David lloyd , The mask is a depiction of Guy Fawkes

portrait of Guy Fawkes

portrait of Guy Fawkes

Anonymous wearing guy fawkes masks

Anonymous wearing guy Fawkes masks

It is worn by a freedom fighter known only as “V” in V for vendetta and also used as the mask associated with the hacktivist group anonymous. The use of the masks are to hide the identity of the person. It also creates anonymity between all the people that wear the masks. In both groups the mask is a symbol of rebellion. *SPOILER ALERT*  In V for Vendetta the citizens use the mask to start a rebellion against the norsefire party. All wearing the masks, hat and capes they become a mob of the same identity. The mask itself (being of Guy Fawkes) reflects the nature of the rebellion against the government. Anonymous use the masks in the same way.

The anonymity of the mask allows people to voice their opinions without consequences, Its a shield from the opposition

Class Systems & Curfews

There is a definite divide in V for Vendetta. There are the Norsefire party that are with the Military who are at the top. Then there are the civilians who can not move without Norsefire saying they are allowed to. The media I.e News, Magazines, Shows, Even arts work and literature, Are all controlled by the government and have fascist views. The news are very propaganda and have a totalitarianism regime. The Government put a curfew on the civilians so that they feel of a lower class, that there must be a reason for them not being out late at night, and it strikes fear into the people as strict punishments would be put on those who break the curfew


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