So I have Just started reading George Orwell’s Novel – 1984. It was a cheap book from amazon which you can barely make out the title 




Before I start I would like to mention that this post might contain spoilers so I apologize in advance. If I think that what I am writing is a spoiler I will put “SPOILER ALERT” so you can skip that bit. 

The Story starts with Winston Smith in a building apparently by himself. which is quite strange seeing as their are multiple floors. There is an eeriness about the opening chapter. Although isolated there is a presence from what seems to be a higher power (government – thought police?) watching over him and everyone else. It like an elephant in the room – nobody mentions it but you know something isn’t quite right.



In terms of cinematography and directing . Using CCTV footage flickering between one another looking at Winston would be a good way to portray this. Its like a two way mirror in essence. you can see them but the are are oblivious about you. It also gives the effect of the person in question to be vulnerable like they have no power, which is incredibly useful in a dystopian genre. 



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