Start of my Blog

It is currently 1:30 pm on a hot afternoon at the end of June 2013 where I begin this blog. its the summer Just getting over the stress of getting results for my second year of architecture school at the University of Kent , England. I was excited that I received a 1st for my work as last year I only managed to receive a 2:2 which is a little disappointing as I put in as much effort into my work as I did this year. I have decided to put this blog together for people who maybe looking into doing architecture and for them to have a little read and realize that there is a lot of wonder in the world of architecture. I Will focus on my day to day  work as a student so I apologize in advance if it is hard to read at some points. I am also writing this blog for myself as well so that I can put down on paper (type on word press) my thoughts on different topics and areas so that they do not drift from my mind. Hopefully in the future I can get a camera or webcam so I can update this with some Vlogs. Anyway lets get started with the blog 


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