During the Summer

So I am enjoying my summer however that does not mean the end of University. We need to get ready for next year. One of our modules next year is to do a dissertation on any topic of our liking ( hopefully something loosely linked with architecture).

I really enjoy the architecture visualization side of architecture so I want to focus on something to do with film making. I have noticed that lots of architecture students… especially Master students tend to have images and drawings that reflect a dystopian atmosphere.

This was found a lot at the 2011 presidents medals which can be found here; http://www.presidentsmedals.com/winners_list.aspx?w=0&dop=1&m=0&part=1&page=1&year=2011

The winner titled  “Robots of Brixton” by Kibwe Tavares Potrays a Dystopia future where Brixton is overpopulated with Robots which are under tight control from the Robot Police which is reminiscent of the Brixton in 1981 which evoked the infamous Riots


I love the use of the dystopian world as it give a depth of meaning and an atmosphere which you can not create with a blue sunny sky and clean lines.

However Patrik Schumacher believes architect student are taking a wrong turn believing that they are making up a fake world and do not concentrate on problems of the present time. you can see his review here : http://www.architectural-review.com/schumacher-slams-british-architectural-education/8625659.article

Although I believe students should focus on the problems in the present climate such as green energy and overpopulation, a dystopian future is an ideal world in which you can solve the problem in. A future where the problems we face today have been extrapolated and multiplied to the extent that society has fallen into disrepair. Although a morbid vision – It gives the student an opportunity to come up with extreme and radical solutions to a problem that when “tamed” can be brought back to solve the problems of everyday.


You can see it like fashion. Designers have very radical and extreme designs that they present at London fashion week. These clothes would rarely be seen on someone walking down the high street. However the essence of what the designer is trying to bring into today’s world is taken in by other designers and is watered down into a more suitable piece of clothing which people feel comfortable wearing.


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